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The company Giant Gingers ME based in Vitoria, ES – Brazil, looks with a fresh and energetic mindset at the future.

We export Ginger from Brazil to the whole World, mediating export documentation, domistic TAX issues and deliver the best way of transportation to the port of your choice.

Before shipping, we deliver a personal WhattsApp livestream showing the condition of your order. QR code labeling of each box for required data documentation.

Minimal order volume: 500Kg/1102Lbs.
The company take over clients concerns, making importation a simple process.
Buyers have to deal TAX issues at destination with all our support.

Request for qoutation please send an e-mail to sales@giantgingers.com
The qoute are delivered in 24hrs after request.


Rick and his partner Tadeu focused on the Export of this very healthy food product fresh Giant Ginger. Tadeu deal with operation side of business, leading with the quality and logistic of products. The Company’s commercial, administrative and financial areas are maneged by Rick. This way, we have a good dinamic to provide high quality gingers for our clients.

Antonio Tadeu Epichin Júnior,

Brazilian, pharmacist and business administrator. He always had the intention to study substances with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power, until he found and cataloged the herbaceous plant of the Zingiberaceae family, ginger.

With this mission, he started to enjoy the benefit of this root, through his daily consumption, which encouraged him to represent and distribute this product outside Brazil.

Tadeu will assist you answering all your questions in Portuguese and English.

Rick van der Fluit,

Dutch, Master engineer of gas and water installations, married to a Brazilian and passionate about Brazil, when he visited the mountain region in Espírito Santo, he was impressed how Brazilian families, who inherited the lands of their European ancestors, developed diversified plantations with results qualifying. Knowing the need for such a differentiated product for the international market, he decided, together with his partner Tadeu, to export ginger all over the world.

Rick will assist you answering all your questions in Dutch, German and English.


Location of our own production:

The region of South America with the largest plantations of Giant Ginger is located on steep slopes in the state of Espírito Santo in southeast of Brazil.
Some descendants of Italy, Pommeren (NE Germany/NW Poland) and the Netherlands, who settled in the mountainous regions of this state developed techniques for growing giant ginger and harvested a product with high quality and positive benefits for human health.
The Company Giant Gingers goal is to offer foreign consumers a product that differs from others in the international market. The ginger has all the satisfactory technical and economic conditions to be unique in the market. Size, thin skin and of course the pallet off flavour making this ginger a joy to work with or consume.

After harvesting, washing and a minimal of 3 days of Sun drying the Ginger will be ready for transportation. 13,6Kg/29.9Lbs packed carefully by hand in durable resistant carton boxes, stacked by 60 boxes on a pallet. Ready to be presentated to the final consumer.

Gratitude for those who work in the fields day by day creating this amazing and energetic Ginger.


St. Carlos Martins, 594, Jardim Camburi, Vitória, Espírito Santo – Brazil
Zip code: 29090-060


+55 27 99232-7774

Well done is better than well spoken!

Daily available to you by all current communication techniques.
Ensure quality control from harvest to transfer.
Through our QR system you are able to track your shipment 24/7.
Harvesting is coordinated by the departure day of your Shipment, our farm is just 90 minutes away from the Port of departure Offering any shipping method of your preferation.
Send your Question or RFQ by Email or telephone/WhatsApp, Call us anytime Vitoria UTC/GMT -3hrs.